Blood Moon


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This painting has a rather funny story to it. My friends and I, who were all doing a 30 day painting challenge at the time, decided it would be ever so cool to paint a nocturnal of the upcoming eclipse and Blood Moon. So we planned the evening and picked our spot out in a field just south of my home. We parked each in our own cars, set up our steering wheel easels and began to paint as the moon first came up. Working frantically as it ascended into the night sky. However as we were all hot into the painting process, it got darker and darker, finally we had to use our interior lights, yes you guessed it, it was a eclipse as well, so the lovely moon light we were painting by and that cast it’s glowing light on the snow covered pond, was all shadowed over for a time. We laughed and laughed at ourselves in our brain wave of an idea, not thinking about it being an eclipse and loosing the light, we planned to paint by. It was created with a palette knife.

  • Artwork size: 8″ X 10″
  • Finishing: Canvas Board / Framed
  • Finished size: 10″X 12″
  • Medium:Oil
  • Style: Impressionistic Landscape


Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 10 × 1 in

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