Prairie Pride – Limited Edition Print




The Carstairs elevator row had always been a cherished scene for Gwen as she traveled from her family home in Edmonton to visit relatives west of Carstairs. When she could see the elevators, she knew they were getting close to her favorite place to visit, the old Aarsby farm. As she grew up and fell in love with a local Carstairs fella (her husband of 37 years), the elevators became a favourite outlook from their newly built home on his third generation family farm.

As the elevators began to be torn down one by one, outdated in functionality and purpose, their beautiful prairie giants began to disappear. Gwen took this photograph in the winter as they were already taking one down. She tucked it away and thought she’d paint that some day. Years passed and in the late 1990’s she painted this piece on a full sheet of watercolor paper. To her, these icons represented the hard work of the prairie farm families and everything about this unique western way of life. Yet progress and time had stole them away. By painting them she thought she’d endeavor to preserve them in an artistic way.

The planning and drawing of this piece took way longer in working out the perspectives than painting it. She used her medium of the day, watercolour, to capture the ebb of evening colors falling on her small town, as a parent and small child walk home from the hockey rink. She’d painted a few original elevator paintings on commission and thought that she should do one more. She created this print so everyone could have access to this piece that came to represent the small prairie town of Carstairs.

This is a limited edition print of only 250, individually numbered and signed. She is nearing the end of the print run, with only about 30 left.

Artwork size: 10.5″ x 14.25″

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