Gwen Day
Canadian Artist

Landscapes | Portraits | Abstracts
Oil | Encaustic | Acrylic | Watercolour | Mixed Media

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Gwen Day is a multi-faceted artist living near Carstairs, Alberta, Canada. She creates representational and abstract pieces with oil, encaustic, watercolour, and mixed media. This variety keeps her creative energy flowing.

Painting watercolours or oils outdoors “plein air” in the ever-changing light is one of Gwen’s favourite ways to create. She often takes her heavy painting supplies with her while traveling or on hikes and has created several series featuring the outdoors. As a colourist who loves colour, design and light, these are all skillfully applied in her art. See Gwen’s shop for a showcase of her original artwork and prints.

She is also passionate about sharing with others – the delight, beauty, and emotion of the moment. Observing what nature reveals is her joy and capturing these moments is her passion. Sharing the joy of the moment, and allowing the energy of God’s creation to flow through her to the canvas is her mission. See Gwen’s worship art series, with art dedicated to her faith.

In all her work, she shares a lifelong love for creating fine art. Whether through special projects or teaching art classes to all ages, Gwen is a strong promoter of the arts in her community.

“We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.”

– Brené Brown

“The biggest thing is the appreciation of the magnificent universe we have around us. Being a painter, particularly, is beyond belief as a way of honouring that. Painting – particularly painting on location – is almost like a prayer. It’s defined who I am and what I am.”

– Robert Genn