Golden Larch Valley – 22 X 28


Hiking in Larch Valley in the fall remains one of the epic hikes in our Rocky Mountains. This hike heads to Sentinel Pass. I’ve had amazing hikes here but one of my most memorial times was hiking with a group of ladies from Montana and having a grizzly bear encounter! The Larch trees are part of the conifer  tree family, but they are an exception, because they loose their needles after they turn bright golden yellow in the fall. They are so incredibly delicate and stunning in their golden yellow colours.

  • The Artwork size: 22″ X 28″
  • Finishing:  Cradled Canvas – 1.5 inch sides ( ready to hang)
  • Finished size: 22″X 28″
  • Medium: Oil
  • Style: Impressionistic Landscape

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